What MSPs Need to Successfully Deploy and Manage a Virtual Desktop or DaaS Solution

Virtual desktops have traditionally been reserved for enterprise-level businesses. Now, with a massive market shift from the pandemic, businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of Virtual Desktops and Gartner is projecting that DaaS (Desktops as a Service) users will overtake traditional VDI users. This is a monumental shift for MSPs to be able to take advantage of a new revenue stream.

You will learn:

  • VDI and DaaS market opportunity
  • MSP challenges to offer DaaS
  • What’s required to successfully sell and support it
  • How you can differentiate your MSP and build new revenue

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Zach Terry
Zach Terry
MSP Program Lead

Virtual Desktops For Any Business

The first complete Virtual Desktop solution that provides both automation and services to deliver secure Modern Workspaces.

Fast Onboarding

DesktopReady’s Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution helps you quickly onboard new employees by enabling them to work from remote locations from any device.

Data Security and Compliance

When you move to virtual desktops, business-critical data and applications reside on secure, fully compliant centralized servers.

Centralized Management

Our simple management portal makes it painless to deploy and manage virtual desktops from a central location, no matter how dispersed your staff are.


With DesktopReady’s DaaS solution, you get 24/7 data & application availability as well as end user support.

Customized Desktops

DesktopReady’s DaaS solution allows you to create custom desktop experiences based on your employees’ preferences.

Convert CapEx to OpEx

Eliminate upfront unpredictable cost of purchasing physical servers and hardware, and convert CapEx into predictable subscription based OpEx model.

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